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Ampuiset or ampuisais?

The word refers to both a variety of apricots … and peppers! In the first case, they are fruit with a yellow-orange colour and soft flesh. Sometimes called “sweet kernel” because its kernel is edible, the ampuiset is known for its great taste of sunshine and is particularly prized for making jams.

The “ampuisais” bell pepper is distinguished by its small size, crumpled skin and bell shape. Its fine, soft, fragrant flesh adapts to many recipes!

The Burlat cherry

In France, the production of this variety of cherries represents more than half the annual consumption of cherries. And for good reason! Fleshy, red and juicy, the Burlat cherry is as beautiful as it is tasty. Born in Loire-sur-Rhône from successful trials by Léonard Burlat – a farmer-arboriculturist – and developed by his son, André, the Burlat cherry is still the star of today’s market stalls!

Poire en bouteille, distillerie Colombier


The history of the pear in Vienne is closely linked to that of the restaurant La Pyramide, thanks to the friendship between the founder of the Colombier distillery in Villette-de-Vienne and the great chef Fernand Point. Together, they developed a brandy made from Williams pears, which for years remained a rare and prestigious drink, reserved for regulars of the gastronomic restaurant.

The brandy was gradually democratised and one generation followed another, in the iconic Maison Colombier as well as in the surrounding area, with the appearance of several tree farms. Local producers created a complete range of derived products: jams, compotes, fruit juices, brandy and perry.

The Williams pear, an ancient, widespread variety, has grown alongside the endemic “Triomphe de Vienne” for years. After almost disappearing in the 20th century, the Triomphe de Vienne was replanted in the region from 2016, thanks to the will of the town of Vienne.


The farms in the area make cheese from cow’s or sheep’s milk, but it’s the goat’s cheese that’s particularly noteworthy, with its AOP Rigotte de Condrieu. This little raw milk cheese stands out with its light hazelnut taste and ivory or blue bloomy rind, depending on the maturation process. It goes perfectly with a Condrieu wine with fruity notes and is the pride of its producers. The great chefs of the region use it regularly when creating their dishes!

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Maison Bruneton

A story of love … and jams!

It was in the little village of Longes, in the heart of the Pilat Regional Natural Park, that Philippe Bruneton, named best jam maker in France, and his wife Marie-Françoise set up their laboratory in 2001. Drawing inspiration from the richness of the natural world that surrounds him and using original combinations of products, Philippe Bruneton creates tasty recipes full of inventiveness: Ardèche raspberries with chocolate, Jarez cherries with fragrant geranium, Lyonnais strawberries with basil, dandelion flowers, and even grape varieties from our regions…

The chef’s trick, and his essential “secret” ingredient, is time. By allowing the fruit to reach its full maturity and so release its flavours, but also by taking the time to prepare and cook it in small quantities, he obtains the original, tasty creations that earned him the title of Best Jam Maker in France in 2004.

PHB-0089-(c)-Benoit-Gillardeau Confitures Bruneton PHB-0054-(c)-Benoit-Gillardeau

Wines – how can we not mention them?

The region is proud to contain 3 exceptional vineyards: the 2 prestigious appellations, Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu on the right bank, as well as the Vitis Vienna vineyard on the left bank of the Rhône. The vineyards have a similar “terroir” and grow exclusively endemic grape varieties, Viognier and Syrah. The region’s restaurateurs are committed to matching their dishes with these prestigious local wines, whose quality speaks for itself. In Vienne, Seyssuel or Ampuis and Condrieu, our wine merchants and wine bars are at your disposal to taste and advise you according to your tastes.